7 FREE Mandala Coloring Pages

I am working on creating a new adult coloring book. In the meantime I would like to give away the first 7 that I have created for those in social isolation. It is my intention for art to heal, I want to help others and provide a positive creative outlet to people who are having hard times. Please enjoy these FREE coloring pages. I hope they can provide Peace, Harmony, Liberation, Enlightenment, Resonance, and Presence to you and your loved ones. 

Please share any photos of your coloring masterpieces with me on Facebook or Instagram for a repost. Stay safe, healthy, and positive! <3

Color your own meditation

The act of coloring provides us with a clear opportunity to be present with our creative process. As we sit and take the time to color we can begin to understand all the gifts that come from investing in our creative selves.

I have created this coloring book to help you kick-start your creative process in a fun and easy way. All of the images in this book were created by me with a combination of hand drawn pen and ink drawings, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. Enjoy!

Mindful Mandala Meditation

FREE Adult Coloring Book

Markets are down and things all over the world are quite difficult for a lot of people. I have decided to giveaway the digital version of my adult coloring book, “Mindful Mandala Meditations.” I created this book as an experiment for using Amazon’s print on demand book services. To create it I used mandalas that I had drawn, while I was practicing creating a single mandala everyday for over a month. I have included both simple and complex designs depending on the time or skill you would like to commit. You are free to download this book and print out as many copies of it as you would like. I retain all rights to the art and the book is not to be listed for download on any sites. I hope that coloring this art provides whatever it needs for you. Please tag me on social media @PHLERPdesigns, if you take any pictures of your colorings.